Turn the Data

to Insight & Customer Value

Our Work

We are a Data-Driven Business Analysis and Marketing Solution Consultancy to meet client’s diverse marketing needs in the Asia market.

Partnered with local telecom firms’ Mobile Big Data analysis, we are specialized in helping our clients in three aspects

  1. Choose and Source the right data

    • Reviewing client's’ internal data (CRM, Campaign, App, Website...etc),

    • Source the necessary external data to get more comprehensive understanding

    • Develop and conduct necessary Surveys/Research to bridge the missing gap

  2. Analyze and Turn the data into Actionable Insight

  3. Support the Development of clients’ data driven decision making process and the Planning of Insight driven business strategies and activities

Our Team

- Work with who truly know and care. Bring not only the best, but the fittest

With more than 15+ years experience in Market Research, Marketing, and Management Consulting, we are dedicated and experienced multi-national specialists in Asia who truly focus on meeting client’s needs and expectations. Our know-how of latest IT technology, knowledge and insights into the local markets and culture, we make seemingly complex issues simple and understandable with the right solutions. Provide Simple, Fast, Direct observation, access and interaction to the target market, supporting our client’s entire marketing process along.